Here are some articles about guitars and other instruments that I found interesting and useful. These are borrowed from their authors with attribution. I will add articles as I find them. I hope you enjoy these links and find them useful.


Tonewoods Used for Acoustic Guitars       

Notes and Descriptions


CITES - The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Here are some links to web pages that explain the CITES restrictions on stringed instrument woods. This is a contentious subject among guitar lovers and the information in these linked pages may help in understanding the issue.


Pre-War Guitar Co. Description of Torrefaction    

These guys make fabulous reproductions of vintage Martin and Gibson guitars. Enjoy browsing their great site. I've played their guitars and they are wonderful.


Notes About Fretwork   

Acoustic Guitars, etc. By Martin Keith


The Great Frank Ford Talks About Guitar Finishes    

From Frank Ford is one of the most important authorities on instrument repair and maintenance. He very generously shares his knowledge on his site.

Note: This article is more than 20 years old, but things change slowly in the world of luthery.


French Polish as an Instrument Finish

I use French Polish to re-vitalize the finish on older instruments if it is part of the original finish, as on those made before about 1925. I aslo use it on restoration of older instruments where lacquer has thinned and where new nitrocellulose lacquer would look too new if new finish is required.